24 With Your Intern Truly

I woke up unusually early today but then I fell asleep while was seated on my toilet’s throne, woke up again and realized that I am late for work. Drank a glass of milk hoping it could play a role versus the hungry belly. A lunch-out earlier today with teammates in an unfamiliar restaurant but the food was awesome. Caught playing games using my smartphone by the supervisor. Took a brief nap within my station… and yeah, the 4 hour additional work given by my superior I couldn’t reject although interns are not entitled to overtime pay. Got on the last train, lucky me. Played a vital role in a public transportation, the baton passer of fares. Accidentally bumped the driver’s hand and coins within his hands fell. Driver got mad but I ignored him since if I were to talk, there will be a possibility of us engaging in a heated conversation. Wasn’t able to drop off at the nearest stoppage area since I got submerged in SMS-ing with friends… Despite the more negative events, I do think that optimism outweighed them all.

I don’t give a damn about wasting my 3-5 hours allotted for commuting. I don’t mind riding the Philippines’ national public transportation and the strategically-placed low-class trains. I don’t mind the possible dangers of a obviously-looking foreigner in a local land. There are better options like taking a cab or asking our company’s driver to take me to the other side of Manila’s metro area, but the fact that I chose the hardest way is… let’s say it is part of a grown man’s life – living life without regrets. I crossed the taxi and driver option out of the equation because it consumes more money. I’d rather wake up a bit early (although this is yet to happen) and travel like a commoner than to live a comfortable life like a boss.

The reason behind the ‘wasting’ sacrifice is because I love my intern job. Usually, interns are not paid and are taken for granted by the firms who need them but this is different. The rate is pegged a little below the minimum wage rate but it is totally acceptable since it is a contractual job. To put this in layman’s term, this firm is compensating our transportation and food expense (and then some savings) in exchange for services rendered. Seems legit, like a real job. I had one previous experience, you know, I was exposed in a corporate world with corporate slaves and bosses but then the surrounding and the people did not fit my taste and preference which forced me to go AWOL. I am so glad that the environment is superb and the people around me now are very approachable.

Talking and clowning is who I am most of the time in the office just because I have no one to talk to during the remaining of the day and night. My mouth is full of ammunition and is eager to shoot some words whenever I meet a friend or an acquaintance. I somehow have a sad life, living with 3 dogs whom I consider my siblings. I tend to brag about me being single for half a decade, but you know how moodswings work. Yeah, I need an inspiration.


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