It has been a hectic and confusing week and I am expecting the worse, or worse, the worst. Currently I am listening to some YouTube clips featuring Korean ladies equipped with the most dangerous human weapon – a machine gun mouth filled with curse ammunition – hoping it would transform this internal rage to an explosion.

Where are their manners?

It is hard for me to think that, just because we as employers want to maximize the profitability of the family business, we utilize the Giffen labor good by hiring them and peg their wage rate at minimum. With that kind of rate, the business can’t get any progress nor prowess. In the end, the employers are the one who will suffer the most, or at least in my point of view that is what I see. Last week there was an incident of miscommunication with the our company management and our secretary, a supposed-to-be critical blow to our humble business became the savior of everyone. I won’t be going into details but yeah, once a nonbeliever of miracles but now I believe in them. Pure luck. Every living thing should have some kind of luck in order to survive. Life is all about gambling life, there will always be a winner and a loser in every scenario. Still, we should not depend on luck for true luck only comes once in a blue moon.

As an inexperienced in business world, I prefer working in a multinational company who is like your parents, who gonna pay your rent, who gonna pay your bills, and who gonna pay your needs and wants. I prefer being the risk-averse guy rather than the risk-taker guy, for I with only knowledge as resources, do not have the guts to gamble money in investments. Not just yet.

Life’s got more to bring, but no matter what life has got to give, the world knows that I ain’t gonna give it up. Struggles and challenges, I do not fear them for what does not kill you makes you stronger. Training to be a true life warrior, I have the ability to forget, overcome, even betray everything, just for survival.


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