Real Men (English Version)

Amendments to manifesto ng tunay na lalaki, according to koreansouthpaw, is as follows:

  1. Real men do not sleep hibernate during weekends
  2. Real men do not reply to texts exclusive to people who they think are special unless they are given load/credits, but then the contents of the responses are irrelevant.
  3. Real men always order extra rice with extra gravy.
  4. Real men are not vegetarian but have the guts to eat ampalaya.
  5. Real men do not have abs and are not jealous of men who have it.
  6. Real men do not dance but will dance for money.
  7. Real men do accept the blame of wrongdoing done to other real men, and to women as well if and only if they asked for apology.
  8. Real men do have stains of their shit on their inner part of their underwear, though stain disappears during the sexual intercourse with women.
  9. Real men neither do wash the dishes nor arrange and organize stuff since there are women who will do those chores for them. Real men upgrade themselves to a higher manly status when they do not recognize the women nor cannot recall the name of the women.
  10. Real men do not go to church but believes in religion.

Lastly, real men do cry in private areas.

Thank you Philippines for giving me unforgettable memories I can cherish. Thank you friends, acquaintances, enemies, my love and family members, but there’s no turning back now. See you (maybe) in 2 years. For now, it is a good bye.


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