Water Diet Day 3/40

I knew this is going to be one of the longest 40 days of my life. Water diet, together with several external factors recently that have been affecting my life,  this surely is a tough one to endure. I attempted to cheat last night by eating small piece of red bean bread, but I ended up vomiting the whole thing.

Once again, I woke up around 4 in the wee hours of the morning not because of tummy’s reaction, but a dream that is too bad to be true, too painful for it to happen in the realistic scenario. Shook that aftershock off from that bad imagination, I proceeded to the usual stretching routine. Had some sit-ups too. A bit disappointed for I have found out that there were no major changes in the physicality of my body. Yeah, it is only day 3.

Before leaving the vicinity of my humble pad within our family-owned factory, I checked on our big dogs if they are doing okay, then I saw Roti, our female rottweiler canine… her food box was still full of dog food, her bowl of water was still full of water. She became so thin all of a sudden. Put the blame on me for I never gave time for them lately. Tears fell down as I called her name. Roti. Roti. I took her out of her cage with me holding the dog lash, walked her for a bit, gave ourselves some time for her to communicate with me. It really hurts. Finding a helpless dog of yours, weak and perhaps, dying. If I could turn back time, I would have chosen courses related to being a veterinarian than related to business and finance.

Women and animals have one thing in common – they’re my weakness. I don’t have the ability to understand them generally. I suck in giving and expressing love. My life has been always about me, and myself alone. I blame the word stereotype for it gave me your-ordinary-neighborhood-joker label. It can be traced back to college days, when classmates laughed on my recitations even my answers were serious enough to address the issue. Yes, I was a happy-go-lucky kid back then, a kid who kid, joke, play prank, and include a curse at every phrase but I am different now. Why can’t the world treat me as a transformed adult?

Women. I just can’t understand them. But we, men, are not required to undertake courses on women management. To solve that problem, we just have to pick one specimen out of billions available and try to learn and understand her. Then again, why can’t I read the signs… or am I just plain dumb to read the available signs…


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