Water Diet 4/40

Rice. As a cereal grain, it is the most important staple food for a large part of the world’s human population, especially in Asia and the West Indies. It is the grain with the third-highest worldwide production, after maize (corn) and wheat. Rice. What I miss the most. Day 4 of 40 began hours ago, and I got caught by my supervisor in the office staring at the picture above. Rice. Once again, I attempted to cheat last night by getting a piece of kimchi from the refrigerator but again and again, ended up vomiting the cabbage slice. But then, I still feel refreshed, re-energized thanks to unlimited water.

By the way, today marks the day of my 200th hour in Citibank as an intern. As a practicum requirement of Economics department, we interns are to render at least 200 hours. Goals by goals, one by one. I am going to exert more effort in finishing the tasks undone… and I also have the feeling that April will be a good month for me to start rejuvenating to heal the scars left by previous encounters. Yeah, I only have 2 1/2 months to stay in this country.

Sorry for being too fast. Sorry for being annoying from time to time. Sorry for nagging you to SMS me back. Sorry for giving too much attention. Sorry for the corny jokes. Sorry for lacking the effort. Sorry for this and sorry for that. I guess I need to learn more on how to give love rather than to think for my own. It’s just that it is hard to move on when you don’t know the clear answer to the gap of “what went wrong”. Anyway, what’s done is done. Thank you for the good times, miss. I hope we cross our paths again soon!




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