Water Diet day 5/40

Day 5, Friday. That only means one thing. People here in the finance department have this lunch out ritual every Friday so I might as well as go for it to at least rejuvenate my fatigued body due to the water diet. To update you guys with the prowess and the progress of this water therapy, heads up and thumbs up, my man boobs is now almost gone and my tummy is smaller than before… though I do feel sorry about the tummy since it is now flabby and soft. Must work out harder. The picture above represents what I have eaten earlier, cream dory.

Since last week I have been battling an emotional battle with a ghost, good thing it ended last night. A lot of frustrations were released, a lot of sharp words were said. They say that actions speak louder than words, but in some cases, your mouth alone is considered one of the most fatal weapon. Words are sharper than a newly sharpened samurai sword, as fast as a bullet fired from an arctic sniper, and as heavy as a whole world on your shoulders. I am glad that I was able to unleash the inner rage, for if I were to be the good guy, nothing’s gonna happen. Will let the rest be executed by the name of karma, oh yes it gonna be your ultimate bitch, girl. No more goodie goodie, and for the last time, I suggest you not to find nor look for me whenever you want, need or miss me. Behind every stranger, there is a trap. So long hoe, life’s definitely gonna be better without some groupie like you. Take note of my predictions and take them as warnings and precautions, kid. Hope you survive your next chapter. Good luck.



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6 responses to “Water Diet day 5/40

  1. Best of luck on your water diet and I hope it works out for you. I reckon you could eat whatever you want, whenever you want but try balance it out by moving and karate kicking more, jah? 🙂

    • Thanks thanks for the food, but water simply supplies all of the nutrients(?), to think that it contains zero calories. Besides, I do the power walk everyday haha. See ya around.

  2. It seems great minds think alike. I come to your site and find you also referencing our words as swords. (Interesting.) Five days on water only while working? Quite an accomplishment! Hope you took care of that ghost, too! As you know, I have a thing about ghost also. Sail on, KSP! I have enjoyed our conversation!

    • LOL yeah you also used the word ‘sword’ without realizing I have used it on this post as well. Nah, ate some solid food today, so technically I broke the rule. But it doesn’t mean the diet stops today. Will continue this diet until I have reached the ghost within me.

  3. KSP, just wanted to let you know that your “fast” inspired what I wrote on my “home” page. (March 19 Posting. Entitled: “Sacred Mountains; Sacred Valleys”) Just thought you ought to know. Hope you like it. Signed, CGM.

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