Water Diet Day 7/40

The photo you are seeing right now isn’t mine but a random image I grabbed from Mr. Google, and to preserve the topic of what we’ll be discussing today, thus the alteration. My college life isn’t a debatable stuff, really. I never had the chance to shine nor had one spotlight to prove my worth during the entire tertiary level of education and I am feeling rebellious about it. This event should be dubbed as the most worthless time on my book, but I should thank them for giving me a luxury right to use their logo to represent my status in the corporate sector. Nevertheless, I will promise myself not to go anywhere near that hopeless sh*thole in the near future.

Grades, scores, alphabet equivalent or whatever you call it – they are still everything. Human resource people narrow the applicants down by segregating the school brand then further tone it down by arranging the grades chronologically. If your grades ain’t good but you come from a powerful family, don’t be shy, abuse the authority! The world is never a playground for a lowlife living thing like me, it has always been a challenge. To dump this regrettable memories, I have to prove my worth once again by taking education stat to the higher tier. Europe, I hope you are okay in 3 to 4 years.

Water Diet day 7 of 40, and maybe it is time to add some spice into the course. Maybe I should eat something during lunch time, let’s say a healthy wheat sandwich or a non-acidic fruit, but then it won’t be called ‘water therapy’ anymore… or does it still count? Not that I can’t cope with the lifestyle, but I don’t think this kind of diet detoxifies my digestive system contrary to the conclusions and recommendations of most pieces in the literature field. More research, more problems. Any suggestions?



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5 responses to “Water Diet Day 7/40

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  2. A true water fast works best with lots of rest, as the body is not only cleansing out toxens, but it must “heal”. Any food at all keeps your digestive juices going. (Not recommended.) However, there can be spiritual benefit to any kind of fast if the person is truly seeking God. If you go more than three days on “water only”, be very careful how you restart eating. The stomach juices shut down after 3 days and food can enter your bowls undigested and impact in there like cement. Start with fruit or easy soup. Fasting is not the best way to keep weight off, as it trains the body to prepare for unexpected famines. Let ur heart be ur guide, KSP. Determine what u really want out of this fast, and be happy!

    • Thanks for the daily spiritual guidance CGM, but am losing focus and determination. Maybe this is a good thing, for I have started to eat something in small quantity. But will not leave the essence of this water diet. Thanks again!

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