Water Diet Day 8/40

Readers, I rarely share about who I really am even to the closest circle of friends. Hell even I do not know what I really want, what I really need. One thing for sure though, I am seeking for security. With security, I work a notch higher and higher until I fill that gap between the hierarchy of needs.

Day 8 and I am still breaking the water therapy code. You will probably guess why is there a picture of cashew nuts, yeah because I ate tens of those today. Water consumption has been reduced to recommended volume of 2 liters a day from 3-4 liters. Eating has been the problem lately, the determination and the will isn’t there anymore. People around me say that I have lost weight virtually, but I ain’t satisfied… Let’s get this over with.

There has been an addition to my moving on transition routine – dancing, shuffle style. Traditional method of self-learning suggests that we should keep on recording ourselves in order to see what the naked eye can see. Post them anywhere, everywhere. Accept hate and criticisms, they make us stronger as a human. I just fear that one day I turn into a man of steel without me knowing. I also learned how to read stuff, especially manga in the process. Keeping oneself busy is definitely the best method of letting go.

As I count the intern days down, as I count the days until the actual military camp, I won’t let the past ruin my final days in South East Asia. I can’t wait ’til you are gone away, yet half of me is telling the world something else.


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