Water Diet Day 9/40

Day 9 of 40. I have decided to modify the diet scheme even though it would diminish the meaning of the water therapy itself. Let me tell you why.

Life hasn’t been easy when you are the eldest. Where are immediate counselors when you need them the most? I always wished for an elder brother or a sister. Had to ask relatives to sign school documents and other requirements. It has been all struggle. For several times I wanted to end loneliness through suicide, but do you know why I am still breathing? I do think that our lives are predetermined and precisely calculated, the feeling of someone manipulating us from multi-dimensional somewhere – of who you will start your with, of who you will end your life with and everything in between. I honestly don’t have a clue of what I’m doing, just going with the flow, going with my body where it directs me to. I came across an article recently that claimed too much water is bad for the health and there is no scientific proof that 8 glasses a day is a must for everyone. Divine intervention, perhaps? Human logic is easier to understand when you have the experience, and we all know that tomorrow’s a mystery… we just don’t put an end to our lives because we suffer today, we just don’t put and end to our lives because we believe miracles do exist, and are waiting for it to happen. For the meantime, I am inceptionizing myself deep into this fictional space and let bygones be bygones.

No I am not broke, I just don’t see myself spending at anything soon. Money is irrelevant to me nowadays but let’s face it, money has been, is, and will still be the only tangible thing to consistently provide happiness and destruction at the same time, prove me if I’m wrong. We work for money, but how much should one have to achieve satisfaction?



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4 responses to “Water Diet Day 9/40

  1. Water can be good for cleaning, but are you taking any nutrients or any vitamins? I’d worry about going without for so long! Don’t do anything dangerous!

  2. I believe God uses people to have answers for us, but only you can decide “who”. I think I have answers for you. Our meeting was not an accident. Click on “Brain Surgery” at my site if you want to test me. There is a design to life, once you know it…YOU CAN WORK IT! 🙂 I hope you find your answers KSP. I’m not suggesting I know it all. (Or that it is easy.) I just think we met for a reason. You’re on a “seeking” path. That’s good. It shows you haven’t given up. Don’t give up.

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