Water Diet 11.5/40

Although I am just an intern, I was invited by Sir Butch and the finance department of Citibank to participate in some kind of a quorum held every end of the quarter. It was awesome though I could not recall what were tackled during the discussion, thanks to lamb skewers and others. The reason why I failed to update the blog last night is due to the little booze session afterwards, thus the number 11 1/2.

As my contract in Citibank draws to an end, I have learned that learning is a continuous process. We are the supreme beings equipped with supreme intelligence, the creme dela creme. Grades are nothing but a grade point average and as got nothing to do with one’s learning curve, and school is nothing but a brand one will carry for the rest of his life. Literature says that 80% of the work force population learned their job on-hand and no one should expect one to know the work in one sitting.

Conclusion is, I really enjoyed my stay here. I have gotten the feel of how the money market works in the banking industry. I have also realized that it is better this way for me, being a corporate slave. Pay’s good, the big hands also take care of your insurances and all, and I get to meet a lot of new people. But with the world who has a lot to offer, who knows which job/career I might end with?

You there, are you happy with what you are doing right now?


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