Water Diet 13/40

credits to http://www.smashinglists.com for the pic

Few weeks ago, I have decided to play with my hair and go semi-bald, though it was never my intention to really trim my Korean-style look down. I do alter my hairstyle perhaps twice or thrice annually that’s a fact, but in this time of the year the cutting event was quite fast, faster than previous years as far as I can remember. With the global warming in effect against the whole mother nature, I guess third world countries like the Philippines are the ones who are affected the most since they do not have the capability and enough technology to adjust quickly and absorb the inevitable. The weather has been unpredictable lately. For some time the heavens cry their eyes out then sun going super saiyan few minutes later.

Global warming ain’t the sole reason though, there are two. As depicted in the manga Slam Dunk, Hanamichi Sakuragi did the same thing, too. Actually, I just copied him, assuming that going bald really gives you some feeling of rebelling against the world for the mistakes and regrets… or perhaps a psychological effect. Either way, I feel like a new born man who will continue to search for that meaning everyone seeks: the question of what is your purpose in life and the pursuit of happiness. On my other side of the story, water diet has contributed a lot with me going bald for it gave me a slimmer look on my fat face. I’m fine thank you, I got my neck back, and I look like a mature adult man. You know, with white hair more visible than before, yeah that qualifies.



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2 responses to “Water Diet 13/40

  1. Everyone will want to touch your bald head.

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