Water Diet 14/40

I am sure there’s worse than a root of three

a negative one that will always be imaginary

At least a three has an answer all night

even with three kept out of sight

beneath the vicious square root sign

Three or nine they’re still considered benign

for negative one could never have a trick

with whatever applicable arithmetic

Forever one under the sun, not a 1.7321

together with a dash behind, transforms into imaginary you can’t find

When hark! What is this I see

still an i, it will always be

an i, alone in this sad reality

As i quietly walk pass by

wishing for another state of i

for an i for an i, if we now multiply

leave the world of symbols like the π (Pi)

Even with the negative sign still glued

My love for her has been renewed

inspired by ‘square root of 3’ poem  featured in

Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)

 I would not post anything about my current water diet since the routine has been ruined eversince I’ve gone back to eating solid food. I must focus back to the ordeal to preserve the meaning of incoming holy week.


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Filed under 40 Day Water Fasting, Measured by Mathematics

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