Water Diet 15/40

Ahh. Just when everything within my radius is going fine and all that good stuff, here comes new set of problems I have never encountered before. Employees’ attitude problems, our guard’s emergency excuse, final paper for practicum and all that shit. We all wish for some kind of an invisible barrier that separates us from the society to clear our minds. Yes, we could lock ourselves in our rooms, or take a week off from whatever you are doing and wherever you are committed. Sometimes we need someone, possibly friends, asking them to lend their ears for awhile to listen. But when all of these things are said and done, we go back to our complicated reality. Sucks, isn’t it.

Running away could be the best available option, though the act would make you become less of a man – a coward, that is. Being selfish ain’t cool ladies and gentleman, and it is definitely not a boast-able story. People might say ‘hey, I am quite busy at the moment, can you do my homework’, or might say ‘hey I am very sick’, or might say ‘I can’t take the responsibility so I would run away’, leaving the involved behind and let them clean the mess. Freeloading, free lunches, free this and free that. Regardless of what I have said, yes, call me a coward for I bought that one-way ticket to Korea is to escape from the situation I am in, to break-free, to unleash the new me and start a new life.

I need to get some water, my favorite thirst quencher since day 1. And as far as the diet is concerned, I’m fine. I modified it again to ‘no eating after 6pm’ diet, hope I don’t get retarded with this one.


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