Water Diet 16/40

Just like the featured photo says, some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90… and time is a concept that humans created. I just turned 24 last January, uhh 25 in Korean age. During the latter years, it was just between me, the computer and the vices. I frequently complain about the world being cruel to humanity, but a friend of mine debunked my assumption of world cruelty, saying “the world has done nothing to you, to me, nor to everyone else; it is just the way it is”. True, it is our actions which will define who we are right now and who we will be, and as the Philippine law forbids me to work unless I secure a visa and other documents, so I guess leaving this third world sh*thole would make sense.  As for the concept of time? I do feel effing old for doing nothing for the past years. This post ain’t about being emo, no. This is about me thinking like an adult, acting like an adult and be responsible like an adult. I still have few months left here, and I know there are a lot of haters who can’t wait for me to go back home. Friends ain’t friends after all you plastic bitches.

Speaking of stress and distress, will they have some effect on my water diet? Because the science and literature department is quite unsure about this, for the conclusions ain’t consistent. In fact, there are more cases of weight gain than weight loss with respect to stress and/or depression. One thing is sure though, our emotions and our outlook on life play an important role in our health. We’ve known this for an exceptionally long period of time, yet for some reason, we like to ignore it.


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