Water Diet 18/40

Discrimination, sir and madam, is a never ending story. I’ve came across an article in yahoo about a Korean in America going frenzy with his gun in a school where he got expelled. The article stated that the suspect was mistreated and teased his English accent by other students, the most probable trigger to this crime scene. I believe that a Filipino was involved in the incident, and this will have an impact against our image, my image in this country. Stereotyping and generalizing, I can take that, but seriously? Here are some of the hilarious and ridiculous comments I’ve read from the site:

  • to all concerned governement agencies: please check all South Koreans residing, studying in the Philippines – EmmanuelJ

Ha ha ha are you kidding me? You think the government care about us? The government only care about generating more $$$.

  • most Korean men are lunatic, hot tempered and unpredictable – Mhel

Alright mister or miss. I don’t know what is or are your basis on that statement but let me tell you this: please drop the “H” out of your name!

  • Koreans talaga… wierd so wierd! – anonymous
Uhm excuse me? The spelling is kinda weird, isn’t it?

Language barrier is one thing, culture shock is another. Racism is a never ending debate but if we try to understand each other, we know that we can prevent this from happening. Teasing is fun, but it ain’t cool if you do not know the personality of the victim. Bullying ain’t cool, and it should be stopped. I’m sure you guys have heard about the bullying with respect to suicide cases. It may be humor to others, but the affected are suffering!

Anyway, my weight is still a bit over 200 pounds. Let me make it 180 by end of April!



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3 responses to “Water Diet 18/40

  1. Wow, I heard about the shooting. It was somewhere westcoast, I believe. I live in mid-section. There is a movie coming out on “bullying”. Supposed to be really good, I hope to see it. We live in a dangerous world. People of all races become ticking time bombs and then go off! So many young people have exploded like this. For me, it’s hard to understand why anyone would throw their whole life away just to get even, instead of finding other options. Even starting over someplace completely new would be better. Become a bum under a bridge! Anything would be better than suicide and taking people with you as you go. Heck, most the time the people they take never even did anything to them. So sad. Just pray you’re never in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is the world we now live in.

    • Oh yeah? Tell me bout the details of that movie, like when is the premiere of it. True, we live in a dangerous world but the fact is, WE are the dangerous ones. Instead of throwing salt, why can’t we just get along. If that ain’t possible, why can’t we ignore? Apathy used in the right way is good in my opinion… however, vengeance is another. Pride is each and everyone’s characteristic, and in order to preserve and protect our dignity, we do something about it. When big things happen, they turn as moral lessons to humanity, don’t they? What goes around, comes around.

      • Movie: Bullying : Evidently it was in theaters March 30. (Probably select theaters only.) Documentary. Directed by Sundance. 100 minutes long. It follows “a year in the life” of America’s bullying crises through 5 kids and their families. It deals with suicide as a result of and everything. Filmed in Fort Worth, Texas. Looks like I will need to rent it on DVD when it comes out. I missed it already. Sounds really good. I agree with what u said. I guess we all have a breaking point, but I really don’t understand how this seems to be a “growing” problem. More and more “Godless” society?

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