Water Diet 30/40

One of the reasons why I chose to leave this country is that the current economic and social problems are getting worse day by day. A so-called democratic country, a nation with the republic label, yet voices of the people are still far from its government. Every single element is rising, from criminal ratio to inflation rate to population to poverty, while the officials are doing their very best to keep every penny away from the society. The only catholic-influenced archipelago in the world, but like a God-forsaken land in reality.

One of the reasons why this country should pass the Reproductive Health (RH) bill is to control the population. This ain’t about encouraging people including the youth to enjoy more sex, but as a wanna-be economist, we know that the increase in population is the major root of every evil deed: the will to kill, the will to steal. As population continues to rise exponentially, the society will be needing more resources and more policemen. Did you know that international standards prescribe an ideal ratio of one police officer for every 500 citizens? Unfortunately the Philippine National Police (PNP) fell short last 2011, with an average police-to-population ratio of 1:662. The worst place to live in? Los Baños, with only one police officer safeguarding 4,000 residents. Be vigilant. That’s what they say, every fucking time. You can’t be vigilant if you became the target of the suspects, especially when you’re outnumbered. Like duh?

Oh by the way, please educate more Filipinos. Thanks.


A concerned non-citizen


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  1. Criminal ratio, inflation rate, poverty? I’m beginning to think these things are happening every where. What is the world coming too? Is there a shadow government of the super rich orchestrating a new world order? I happen to think there is, and the transition may get pretty ugly in the process. Its been a while since I stopped in, but it looks like its been a while since you posted. Are you back in South Korea?

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