Reviving This Blog

No more water therapy, no more dangerous diet… not with the new environment where every air I intake is clean and clear. I walk at least an hour a day and still do the no-eating-after-6pm diet and guess what, from last year’s 100+kg, I am now at 82kg, just 5-6kg away from my target weight. Hell yeah it is good to be back here in my hometown Korea. Back in Philippines, it is not that I did not want to do some exercise, but because of laziness brought by the hot and humid weather stopped me from doing anything. Geography and history suggests that countries near the equator line are poor and most come with low productivity because of the weather. Perfect excuse, eh?

Would say this over and over again but yes it is definitely good to be back. Coming back here is one of the best decisions I have ever made, although attending the military is inevitable. The feeling is comparable to a prisoner getting freed from a prison camp for he has fulfilled his sentence. I have never been this free in my entire life; getting a part-time job without getting visa, going out without thinking of getting lost, getting security from public CCTVs and from my government… This is my country, this is where I was born, and perhaps this is the place I should be investing on. As the saying goes, “there is no such place like home” and that phrase describes my feelings perfectly.

…though I still don’t like KPOP boybands, and the idealism of ordinary Koreans. Maybe I am thinking too much. I should get a girlfriend, so call me maybe?


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