The Author


  • Alias: Khan
  • Hometown: Seoul, Korea
  • Current Location: Seoul, Korea
  • Height: 180cm (5ft. 11in.)
  • Weight: 80kg (±180lbs.)
  • Recent Occupation: Manager at guesthouse somewhere in Myeong-Dong
  • Dream Occupation: Comedian / Steward
  • Highest Attained Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
  • Blood Type: A

Trivia/Useless Facts:

  • Changes hairstyle at least twice annually.
  • East Asian. (Seriously, the only people who are considered as real Asians should be the Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Other “Asian” territories such as the Middle-East, South East Asia should have their own country tag.)
  • Proficient in English, Filipino, Korean and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Follows own (very unique) fashion trend.
  • A smoker struggling to quit.
  • Weak versus alcohol beverages.
  • Talkative.
  • Attending the ROK (Republic of Korea) Army on December 10, 2012.

8 responses to “The Author

  1. I have a question, just a personal curiosity, if you choose to answer. What part would you say “Christianity” has played in the freedoms of South Korea? South Korea seems extremely blessed compared to North. I am an outside observer. Do you have an opinion on this? You seem the type not to be afraid to share his opinion. That is good. I would rather talk to someone who is honest, rather than a manipulator, if you know what I mean. I am actually amused that I have written to you a few times now. I did not expect this. I’ll understand if you choose to not answer. It’s just a curiosity of mine.

  2. Hi Sir.

    The history says that Christianity was a vital role of Korean democracy, but honestly I do not really see the connection of it. The history tells us that most Christians were North Koreans dating back to the 1950-1953 Korean War but they fled North Korea to escape from the communism rule. From that statement alone, we can assume that a communist government does not let its people to exercise what we call freedom, not even religion. I believe that God of North Koreans is Kim Il-Sung, who they refer as the “Great Leader”. He is also designated in the constitution as the country’s “Eternal President”.

    • Christianity was a vital role in American democracy also, but our “modern-progressive” agenda constantly covers over that fact. Most do not even know any more. Thanks for taking time to answer even while climbing your spiritual mountain. Your weblog continues to be quite interesting.

  3. You’re very tall. I wish I was tall… 😦


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